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Archive for August 2011

Forcing the big shapes

Because I struggle with zooming out and painting the big shapes first, I forced myself to conduct a little exercise. I wanted to see how loose I could go while still maintaining recognizability. So I grabbed an Anthropology ad and found a great photo to work with, and I let go, trying to paint as…

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New Art: "In His Image"

This piece started as a tribute to an organization called Kimmy’s House. Kimmy’s House focuses on ministering to special needs orphans in India and Haiti. The need is great. Either because of cultural beliefs or because of lack of resources, the special needs orphans of India and Haiti often times suffer great neglect, and can…

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Color comps: The key to good art

Below are five good reasons why one should create color comps in the same media as their final illustration or painting. One mistake I used to make was doing my color comp in a medium other than the one I was going to use for the final illustration. But after looking at Rockwell’s color comps,…

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