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Personalized Greeting Cards

It is always enjoyable to create custom artwork for customer’s greeting card needs, both at the holidays, and all year round. We’d like to highlight two successful card designs we just finished for this year’s Christmas celebration. 

University Hospital Liver Transplant Division

This was a custom calendar card we designed. I knew it was going to be a z-fold calendar, and I knew that I wanted the months to be a part of the illustration instead of just an afterthought. The Hospital left the design wide open to my creativity. I brainstormed several ideas before the Hospital chose the orchestra sketch, likening a patient’s holistic care as an orchestration between the patient and his/her team of doctors at University.

After the rough sketch was chosen, I worked on a final sketch for approval. In this case, I worked directly on a primed piece of illustration board. Any changes to the final sketch were made with gesso and an eraser.

Abandoning my traditional Rockwellian style, I chose instead to work in a more light-hearted and modern style, similar to my recent dragon painting. I also limited my palette to browns and reds, which helps give it a more festive feel.


Brenda Speer and Associates, Attorneys at Law

Brenda and her staff are champions of intellectual property rights and have a passion for artists of all disciplines. This will be our fifth year creating custom cards for her office.

Unlike the Hospital, Brenda comes to me with pretty set ideas. Every year they are very creative and it’s always a lot of fun implementing her creativity. Last year the focus was vintage 1950s poster art illustration. This year it was vintage comic book art.


If you are curious about custom cards, the process is simple. It doesn’t matter how complete your idea is, if you have any idea at all. We can accommodate you and your needs right where you are at. And don’t just stick with Christmas. Birthdays and thank-yous are great reasons to send cards as well. For more information, contact us today!

Steele Deal!



A Custom Holiday Greeting

What makes Painting for Life unique is our ability to work directly with you in creating images that you want for your card, journal, print or any other custom art gift. This year, as many years previous, we were privileged to work with a number of corporations and small businesses in helping them craft very unique and special holiday designs. This year, I want to call out in particular the work we did for Brenda Speer, a trademark and copyrights lawyer, whose works specifically with artists, writers and musicians in helping them protect their works and protect their branding.

The illustrations in this post are the results of the work we did for her in trying to recreate a vintage Christmas. This illustrations were a blast to work on. Thank you, Brenda, for letting us be a part of your holiday celebration.

November 25 is Small Business Saturday

The Friday after Thanksgiving is well known as Black Friday, the time for getting a head start on your holiday shopping. But did you know that the following day, Saturday, November 26, has been dedicated to supporting small and local businesses?

We support the movement now known as “Small Business Saturday” as we work to try and grow the local economy. What can be purchased at a local boutique that would normally have been purchased at a box store? Where are the mom and pops that we can support?

Painting for Life has several great gift ideas, from blank journals to ribbons, to fantastic art prints that make great gifts ideas.

This “Small Business Saturday” we will be offering 25% off, all day long, of our entire inventory!

Simply type: small-business-saturday at checkout to participate.

And as an added bonus, a proceed from every purchase made on “Small Business Saturday” will go to Samaritan’s Purse, an organization dedicated to bringing Christmas to children around the globe.