Are you tired of sending greeting cards that look like everybody else’s?

Are you looking for card designs that will set you apart in the eyes of your customers and employees?

Do you even send greeting cards at all?

Painting for Life® recognize sthe importance branding plays in setting yourself apart from your competition. We want to help you utilize your branding efforts even down to the birthday card you give to your employees.

Whether you choose to send a traditional, Rockwellian type illustration, or a fresh, modern design to even goofy cartoons, our team of artists are ready to take your ideas and turn them into meaningful cards for you and your staff/clients. Each piece of art and each design are thoughtfully put together, giving each card a very unique and handmade feel. We will work with you to design something all your own!

Painting for Life® Corporate Greeting Card Program

Why Custom Greeting Cards are so Effective


We have heard from business owners who realized they were sending out the same Christmas card as their competition! That’s no way to stand out. By designing sending a Painting for Life® custom corporate card, you can avoid this altogether!


In this cutthroat business culture we are in, it is more important than ever to have your branding consistent. We can help you coordinate your message, mission statement and branding with your greeting card campaign.


Due to the booming popularity of the internet and email marketing, direct mail campaigns have dropped significantly over the last ten years. What does this mean? It means your customer is getting less mail and is more likely to look at every piece that they do receive. Now is a great time to take advantage of the benefits of a direct mail campaign. A greeting card comes with a personal touch and is bound to be kept, reminding them of you. And the endearing nature of Painting for Life images and designs are sure to bring an added shelf life to any card you end up sending.


Do you want to send cards that have a local feel to them? We have created themed cards for the Rocky Mountain region, New England, California, and Hawaii. We can work with you to create a card that reflects the charm of your location, no matter where you are in the world.


Are you in construction? We can create a construction themed card. Do you sell cars? We can create an automobile themed card. Do you wave signs for a living? We can even create something for you.


Nothing stimulates employee productivity than by boosting employee moral. One way to do this is by honoring them through thank you cards and birthday cards. Painting for Life also has a collection of gift products such as journals, art prints and books that will be appreciated by any hard working member of your team.


And will remind your client or potential customer of you every time they look at it.


Bottom line is, if you want to stand out, there is no better or opportune way than through custom greeting cards. And while Christmas is an obvious reason to send a customized card, the best marketing strategies suggest you get in front of your customers all year round. You can coordinate your card to coincide with a promotion. Send out a President’s Day greeting card with a President’s Day coupon for instance. Think of other occasions to send special, customizable cards: birthdays, anniversary of service, appointment reminders, thank yous.

For the super-busy, choose from several unique pre-made designs available online at the Painting for Life® card shoppe. Or email us for a catalog of the latest designs.

Work with our artists to develop your own unique card design, specifically tailored to your company and its branding. Be sure to get your order in early to avoid a last minute holiday rush.


“Christmas was coming and we needed cards in a hurry. We also wanted a way to carry our brand into our Christmas card giving. We fell in love with the Fun in the City card, and with our custom message on this inside, the final result was an effective marketing piece.”

–Dr. David Strange

“The talent of Painting For Life has blessed Kimmy’s House in many ways. The beautiful tribute piece In His Image visually emphasizes the unique way God has put His image in children with Special needs”

–Shannon Neel

Kimmy’s House-
Founder, Executive Director

“As a head sales rep for a large financial firm, I wanted a unique way to demonstrate my thanks to my clients. 

“Since I was working in the New England area, I contacted Painting for Life and had them create for me a beautiful lighthouse illustration to use for my promotional materials. 

My clients were floored upon receiving the high quality cards, and it made a much larger impact than I could have ever predicted.” 

–Carissa Miller

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