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Day Six, Like Counting Down to Christmas!

Day six, and this is almost as exciting as counting down to Christmas! And speaking of Christmas, today’s piece is another Christmas themed piece. Titled “Mele Kalikimaka,” this is the result of what happens when you combine Christmas with Hawaii. This 20″ x 16″ painting will embolden any room with its presence, and get the festive holiday Aloha spirit going!

And if a painting is too much, we still have these available as cards. Order a ten pack today. Use promo code “surfsup” to save an extra 25% on this item.

Painted Wedding Portraits

A painted wedding portrait is a perfect gift to give this summer, as the wedding season heats up. It’s timeless, unique, and sure beats the other 50 coffee makers they will inevitably get. Between our different unique styles, and depending on your budget, we can craft a perfect portrait for that perfect couple.

black and white pencil portrait

New ModNarrative illustration style... as a portrait!

Landscape to Paint: Colorado’s Hill Country

In today’s edition of New Art!, I’m always impressed with some of the spectacular scenery the state of Colorado has to offer, from the flat Eastern plains to the sharp cliffs of Ouray and Telluride. In the middle of teaching a landscape painting class, I painted this piece as a class demo from a photo we took on one of our Rocky Mountain excursions. If you are ever looking for a landscape to paint, Colorado is a great place to start.

Enter our contest!

This photo was taken from a very specific town in Colorado. Perhaps you may recognize it. The first person to guess the name of the town either here or on our Facebook page will win a box of Colorado Landscapes cards.



“Colorado’s Hill Country” oil on canvas

Personalized Greeting Cards

It is always enjoyable to create custom artwork for customer’s greeting card needs, both at the holidays, and all year round. We’d like to highlight two successful card designs we just finished for this year’s Christmas celebration. 

University Hospital Liver Transplant Division

This was a custom calendar card we designed. I knew it was going to be a z-fold calendar, and I knew that I wanted the months to be a part of the illustration instead of just an afterthought. The Hospital left the design wide open to my creativity. I brainstormed several ideas before the Hospital chose the orchestra sketch, likening a patient’s holistic care as an orchestration between the patient and his/her team of doctors at University.

After the rough sketch was chosen, I worked on a final sketch for approval. In this case, I worked directly on a primed piece of illustration board. Any changes to the final sketch were made with gesso and an eraser.

Abandoning my traditional Rockwellian style, I chose instead to work in a more light-hearted and modern style, similar to my recent dragon painting. I also limited my palette to browns and reds, which helps give it a more festive feel.


Brenda Speer and Associates, Attorneys at Law

Brenda and her staff are champions of intellectual property rights and have a passion for artists of all disciplines. This will be our fifth year creating custom cards for her office.

Unlike the Hospital, Brenda comes to me with pretty set ideas. Every year they are very creative and it’s always a lot of fun implementing her creativity. Last year the focus was vintage 1950s poster art illustration. This year it was vintage comic book art.


If you are curious about custom cards, the process is simple. It doesn’t matter how complete your idea is, if you have any idea at all. We can accommodate you and your needs right where you are at. And don’t just stick with Christmas. Birthdays and thank-yous are great reasons to send cards as well. For more information, contact us today!

myCreativity Holiday Art Open House

“Visitation”, by Anne Emmons

Art makes memorable gifts for the holiday season: originals, handmade items, limited edition prints, art cards and more!

Come by to see the studio and look through our selection of affordable and unique gifts. Many works under $25.

Make your own ornament or card! Enjoy refreshments and conversation with local artists.

Come and go as you need. We look forward to visiting with you!

Hosted by local artists: Anne Emmons, Benjamin Hummel & Cherish Flieder

When: Saturday, December 8, 2012, 9am to 4pm
Where: myCreativity House
1791 Glen Moor Dr., Lakewood, Colorado 80215

Montauk Point Lighthouse original oil painting

Out on the tip of Long Island is a quaint little town called Montauk. Soft, sandy beaches churn up the Atlantic and the vegetation and humidity is thick. Take the road all the way past the town and to the end of the island and you’ll end up in a parking lot, and at Montauk Point, home of the famous Montauk lighthouse.

It was on such an occasion that we found ourselves recently, admiring the beauty of a structure that was commissioned originally by George Washington himself. The lighthouse is filled with rich history and legends, and of course, gift shop merchandise.

There are a number of trails surrounding the lighthouse, some that go to the rocky coast and some that submerge you deep into the lush New England greenery. This painting was created from one of those trails, looking up at the lighthouse. It invites the viewer in, to be a part of the hiking expedition. The sun was bright, but being late spring, there was still a slight chill in the air.

This painting is not that big, only 8″ x 10.” I wanted to create a textural feeling to the canvas, to reiterate the lush feeling of the environment. As with all paintings, I started with a rough under-painting in color. This formed the basis for my light and shadow patterns. On top of that, I was able to go back in and add details, such as leaves, blades of grass and sticks.

Prints of this image will not be made until the original is sold.

This item will be on auction until August 25th, 2012. Starting bid is $100. Email to place your own bid. Highest bidder will win the original oil with a signed certificate of authenticity.

or “Buy Now” for only $250!

Montauk Lighthouse Original Oil