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Last Day! Hat Shop Musicians

While life can be filled with its ups and downs, every once in a while some days are simply magical. Such was an early May morning in Boulder recently. Started the morning off with friends and colleagues, and concluded with a walk down Pearl Street Mall with my lovely wife. Being a fan of hats, we ducked into a local hat shop and it was like we stepped into a time warp. Filled from floor to ceiling with hats from all eras, we could not help but be inspired. This was made even more so when suddenly local musicians began playing jazz and chocolate espresso samples were being passed around. This painting was inspired by that day.


Size: 12″ x 16″. Acrylic on board. First in a series of studies regarding musicians in hats. Sold in an optional birchwood frame.

$99 for today only!

Day Nine: Studio Cat

I will not lie, my cat loves to be a part of the action, always within arm’s reach of where I am painting, designing or drawing. Sometimes, when looking for a way to warm up in the morning, I’ll grab my sketch book, as she lazies about, looking back up at me with curiosity.

One day, I decided to see what would happen if I painted her in caricature. I drew her a few times, each time pushing the exaggeration until I arrived at a point I was satisfied. Then I painted her in, using my traditional “Mod Narrative” style. For day nine, I present to you: Studio Cat.¬†Acrylic on board.