"It’s a Wrap! Instructional Workbook on Drawing Folds and Drapery"

An easy-to-read, comprehensive quick guide to drawing folds. Must-have knowledge for any art student or art professional!

With detailed written explanations and easy to understand drawings, this book teaches about the structure of folds, why they behave the way they do, how to recognize the different types of folds, best practices for drawing folds, and more!

"Lights On! Ike Hoover Electrifies the White House" Children's Book

by Cynthia Simmelink Becker (Author), Benjamin Hummel (Illustrator)

In 1891, nineteen-year-old Irwin “Ike” Hoover was sent by the Edison Electric Company to assist in the wiring of the White House for electric lights. Like many Americans at the time, President Benjamin Harrison and his wife were extremely afraid of electricity. In fact, the Harrisons were so afraid they didn’t want to turn the lights on and off. After completing the wiring job, Ike was asked to stick around to make the transition to electric lights easier. He stayed, and held jobs in White House for forty-two years.