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Just a Pesky Dandelion Chalk Art Piece

A dandelion chalk art illusion from a basic class demo turns out pretty awesome. Last Wednesday I conducted a one day seminar on the process of chalk art for a number of high schoolers. We had a great time under the sun and after giving them a brief history of chalk art and teaching them…

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Perspective Drawing Made Easy!

“There’s something wrong with my drawing!” You recognize it. You can’t quite pinpoint what it is. The chances are good that the perspective is off. Many great artists find their work lacks professional polish because of one reason alone. They do not have a good understanding of perspective. Perspective drawing is one of the few…

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Classroom demonstrations

I just finished teaching my “Painting with a Broad Brush” class. Always a lot of fun. My landscape painting class begins in five weeks and anybody can sign up for it by going to the Glendale YMCA for more details. These are two of the more successful exercises that came from that class. The first…

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Painting Classes

“Painting with a Broad Brush,” “Painting Landscapes” and “Anybody Can Cartoon.” These are the three exciting classes I am privileged to teach starting next January at the Glendale YMCA. You do not have to be a member or a resident to sign up for these classes. These classes are great for home schooled kids, retiring…

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