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Easter Card Designs

10-pack Easter Greeting Card Designs

More than just bunnies and candy, Easter is such an important holiday. While we celebrate a birth on Christmas, Easter we celebrate a rebirth, the Resurrection of the Savior who bore the curse of death upon Himself. Because of this, we are given a new life, a life of freedom, of peace, of joy. A life eternal is waiting for all who simply receive the free gift.

What a reason to celebrate! We have been approached by many over the years who have asked us if we had a line of Easter card designs that they can send as an encouragement to their friends and family. We went to work right away and are happy to roll out four designs this year.

Easter cards are sold in ten packs and delivered in nice clear boxes. Please contact us for any special requests or orders. May you be richly blessed this Easter season. Special pricing for orders placed before March 22.

Happy Easter!

As part of a larger, multi-media presentation, I created this painting to represent the God’s love to the world.

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Wedding Portraits


The busiest month of the year for weddings is here: June. Chances are, you are going to a wedding or two within the next few months. Have you thought of what to give the bride and groom? Especially a bride and groom that already has everything? While a painting or print is a great gift to be sure, and there are a myriad to choose from at, why not do something with a little more personal touch, why not give them a wedding portrait. The photos on this post showcase the various portraits I’ve done for couples over the years and their relative costs. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Benjamin Hummel.

Acrylic/oil wedding portrait with background.

Clark and Carissa showing off their finished painting.


Oil portrait, no background.


Oil portrait, no background.

wedding portrait

Pencil on paper.


Acrylic/oil wedding portrait with background, $3,000
Oil portrait, no background. $1,500
Pencil on paper. $500

Speak About Life Abundant


Life is a gift, and artist Benjamin Hummel can appreciate this more than ever. Having been the recipient of TWO liver transplants, Benjamin created this design originally for University of Colorado Hospital Liver Transplant Team. The green ribbon symbolizes the gift of life through organ and tissue donation. Each letter showcases a small snapshot of an abundant life enjoyed through all seasons of the year and all seasons of life, from being children crossing a log to enjoying an autumn drive during the silver years of life.

Painting for Life is about celebrating life, through art, hence the reason for the name. While it is impossible to put into pictures every beautiful joy life has to offer, we invite you to use this place to share some of your own memories.

Century Celebration "Passion" Flower Festival

The Church of Our Lady in Fleet, Hampshire, England just reached its centenary in June of 2008. To commemorate this grand occasion they held a Flower Festival that uniquely depicts the life of Christ.

I was greatly honored to have my painting, “The Passion Flower” selected to mark such a special occasion, half a world away, with it’s use of my piece on posters, leaflets, invitations, flyers and programmes.

“The Passion Flower” by Cherish Flieder

Painted on an Easter Sunday, God inspired me with this image that illustrates, in an ethereal way, the spiritual beauty that comes only through suffering. My desire was to juxtapose the classic symbol of the “passion” flower (as established by Spanish monks while exploring the New World) and the piercing crown of thorns in the background to fully realize a symbol of Christ’s identity, suffering and His reward in exchange for the ultimate life-giving sacrifice on the cross. With this act, not only did He take on our sins to give us true life, but He also comforts and promises us to bring this rare beauty to our hearts when we experience sufferings of many kinds.

Flower Festival Photos

Church of Our Lady, Fleet, Hampshire, England

Church of Our Lady, Fleet, Hampshire, England

Illustrated Books: Madison and Main Gallery

Greeley, CO (March 3 – April 25, 2008)

Cherish Flieder and Benjamin Hummel, Colorado native artists & children’s book illustrators, in conjunction with the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, bring to Colorado art lovers a show entitled “Illustrated Books.” Through April 25th, the Madison and Main Gallery in Greeley, CO will display original artwork, prints, journals, cards and the award winning, co-illustrated children’s book, What Would You Like to Do Today? by Larry Grizzell. For more information please visit the gallery at and the artists at


RMCAD Spotlight: Ben Hummel & Cherish Flieder

When Ben Hummel (IL ’98) and Cherish Flieder (IL ’02) enrolled at RMCAD they discovered more than just a love of art and design – they discovered a love for one another. Both natives of Colorado, Ben and Cherish met at a student event held on campus. They married in June 2002 and shortly after started working on professional projects together.

Ben and Cherish stress the key to working together and being married is to try not to take things too seriously and to remember to forgive each other. “Where one has a weakness, the other has strength – we complement each other,” said Ben. Cherish sees ideas more in terms of color and composition, whereas Ben focuses on drawing and storytelling. Working together allows them the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other.

As a team, Cherish and Ben have worked as freelance illustrators on five books including the 2005 publication What Would You Like to Do Today?, which can be found in national bookstores and on Both illustrators also spend time on a number of individual projects. Cherish is currently doing the illustration and design for a book by Larry Grizzell called The Star, which is due out in 2006. She also recently worked on the illustrations for a book titled Christmas: The Birth of Jesus published by the Tim & Beverly La Haye Collection. Ben has been doing freelance illustration work for Embassy Suites creating advertising pieces.

They’ve also recently started their own business called “Painting for Life”. This new business will tap into all their passions and enable them to share their paintings and designs with a larger audience though the avenues of art licensing with the intent “to paint to overcome the struggles of everyday life by depicting imagery that encourages others to life more fully.”

For Ben and Cherish, RMCAD was a powerful experience. “I learned to never settle for second best, and to strive to do the best you can even if you have constraints,” said Ben. For Cherish she learned about putting together a professional presentation, how to take criticism, and to never quit. Cherish and Ben are active members of the RMCAD Alumni Association and have played an active role in shaping the organization.

Ben’s & Cherish’s Advice to Graduates
Don’t settle for any job and be careful what jobs you take. Make sure the job is for a cause and value yours
elf,” says Ben. Cherish encourages students and alumni to make sure and sign a contract before they start a project. “Don’t be afraid to turn down jobs, especially if you see warning flags – protect your rights.” Cherish and Ben both agree the field of illustration can be challenging. “You have to find your niche. You always have to pick yourself up and find another way to do what you are passionate about. Don’t ever give up.”

As seen in the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design
”Alumni & Friends Newsletter” Spring 2006