Wedding Portraits


The busiest month of the year for weddings is here: June. Chances are, you are going to a wedding or two within the next few months. Have you thought of what to give the bride and groom? Especially a bride and groom that already has everything? While a painting or print is a great gift to be sure, and there are a myriad to choose from at, why not do something with a little more personal touch, why not give them a wedding portrait. The photos on this post showcase the various portraits I’ve done for couples over the years and their relative costs. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Benjamin Hummel.

Acrylic/oil wedding portrait with background.

Clark and Carissa showing off their finished painting.


Oil portrait, no background.


Oil portrait, no background.

wedding portrait

Pencil on paper.


Acrylic/oil wedding portrait with background, $3,000
Oil portrait, no background. $1,500
Pencil on paper. $500

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