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Easter Card Designs

10-pack Easter Greeting Card Designs

More than just bunnies and candy, Easter is such an important holiday. While we celebrate a birth on Christmas, Easter we celebrate a rebirth, the Resurrection of the Savior who bore the curse of death upon Himself. Because of this, we are given a new life, a life of freedom, of peace, of joy. A life eternal is waiting for all who simply receive the free gift.

What a reason to celebrate! We have been approached by many over the years who have asked us if we had a line of Easter card designs that they can send as an encouragement to their friends and family. We went to work right away and are happy to roll out four designs this year.

Easter cards are sold in ten packs and delivered in nice clear boxes. Please contact us for any special requests or orders. May you be richly blessed this Easter season. Special pricing for orders placed before March 22.

Stop Motion Easter Animation – Matthew 26:31

Part of the core of what we do at Painting for Life is our faith. As the Easter season approaches, we do occasionally like to bring attention to our belief in a loving God who sent His Son to redeem a cursed world through a cruel sacrifice. In Matthew 26:31, Jesus predicts His death by telling His disciples that He is the Shepherd and the Shepherd will be struck down. I am working on several small animations for our¬†church Easter Sunday (to which you are all invited). They will not be revealed in full until then,¬†however, in preparation, I created this six second stop motion VINE video as a working test, just playing around. Think of it as sort of a thumbnail sketch or a comp. We were compelled to share. Because it was initially a VINE video, it’s extremely short. Future stop motion Easter animations promise to be longer. Enjoy!