An adventurous life . . .

Time never stops and it has been difficult to find the time to update personal sites and blogs.

Our little children’s book, What Would You Like To Do Today?, won a Silver medal, an Evvy Award for Independently published books. Our exposure has gone international, as we have exhibited it in the world’s largest book expos. I have had the opportunity to meet many famous faces and build stronger networking relationships across the board. I know pursing a career in art requires a great deal of chasing after ones dreams, even if they have appeared to come true, they quickly vanish and the race is on, again. I have decided to purely enjoy the process of the chase and the time spent creating. My desire is to share my images with the masses, and more particularly, masses of children and families.

I have recently completed illustrating a widely distributed Christmas scrapbook by Tim & Beverly LaHaye. In addition, I will have another beautifully illustrated book and song for release Christmas 2006, entitled The Star (by Larry Grizzell). In the in between times, I have been blessed by helping others achieve their dreams in publishing and ministry and serving on the board as Secretary of the Colorado Alliance of Illustrators.

Who knows what the future holds? To me, the important thing is the pure joy found in the ongoing adventure of loving and living.

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