An Iris of Hope

This painting was created in response to the tornado disasters in Joplin, Missouri, Alabama and all across the South and the Midwest. Pictorially, we wanted to show how hope can grow even in the darkest times. This hope comes not from us or our own strength, but from above. By creating this piece, Painting for Life is saying that we stand with you as you encounter your own personal struggles, knowing that there is a hope that is everlasting.

The word ‘iris’ comes from the Greek word ‘iridium” which means rainbow, an indication of the vast array of species and colors associated with this flower. Usually blooming right as spring turns to summer, the iris has long held the symbolism for hope. Additional meanings include faith, wisdom, cherished friendship, valor and wisdom. The shape of the iris flower was the inspiration behind the French fleur-de-lis.

Will you help partner with Painting for Life and supporting our brothers and sisters in Joplin? For every signed and matted artist print we sell, we will donate $10 and for every card we sell, we’ll donate $1.


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