A Word About Rosie's Ranch

I want to take the opportunity to use this post to highlight for you a very special place in Parker, Colorado. It’s called, “Rosie’s Ranch” and it is a place where children with oral language difficulties can come and learn about horses and the care of horses, while developing crucial life skills. A beautiful, remodeled facility awaits them, compliments in part by the constant hard labor of Noah Flieder, Eagle Scout.

Should you find yourself driving east of Main Street, Parker, Colorado, look them up and pay them a visit. Inside the ranch home, you may recognize some of the art hanging on the walls. Painting for Life has partnered with Rosie’s Ranch. Because Rosie’s Ranch is a nonprofit, they need your support to keep operational. Therefore, 30% of every artist print sold from the walls of Rosie’s Ranch goes back to the Ranch itself. It’s a great way to support your local charities and support your local art.

To read more about Rosie’s Ranch, click here.

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