Fireworks Craft

This simple craft is perfect for your middle school art students. It’s very easy to do, and I have found that even non-artistic adults have enjoyed doing this. However, one word of caution, this is a hands on project… you will get messy.


–You can use either pre-colored paper, such as a construction paper, or in my case, you can paint a white piece of paper. This will allow you to add additional textures and gradients to your background.

–Basic craft paint from the hobby store works perfectly! Be sure to include white, this will add some accents to your fireworks.

Pipe Cleaners




Step One

To begin, prepare your paper by painting it whatever background color you’d like. Use large brushes to get a more even stroke. Try blending from top to bottom a dark to light. Be sure to make sure you give it enough time to dry.

Step Two

Take your pipe cleaner and fold it into a curl.

Step Three

Mix up your colors. Be sure to add white to help it stand out better against your dark background.

Step Four

Press your pipe cleaner into your color, coating it lightly. You may also take a paintbrush and brush a coat of paint on your pipe cleaner. If you choose to do this method, feel free to play around with adding cool effects to your painting, starting with white in the center and blending toward color on the tips. The center of a firework, being the hottest and brightest, will always be white, and it gradates to it’s different colors near the tips of the flame.

When you have finished loading up your pipe cleaner with paint, press it down on your paper.

Step Five

Continue to add paint back onto the pipe cleaner and press back on the paper, rotating from a center axis. Reshape the pipe cleaner in order to get different curved shapes.

Step Six

Be sure to add more than one firework. Mix up the colors! Have fun!

Step Seven

Take your toothbrush, lightly coat the top with white paint and add some special splatter effects to finish it off.


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