Surfer's Crossing: The Story Behind the Art

The painting began as inspiration of the wet island of Kauai. However, after scumbling in a few cliffs and some virga in the background, the painting was lacking something. It needed… a story. It wasn’t enough that these were beautiful cliffs with some tropical trees; what’s going on in the foreground? Eventually Benjamin came to the conclusion that there was only one thing that would perfectly compliment this dreamy Hawaiian landscape: a classic woody with surf boards on top.

This painting encapsulates the Hawaiian free spirit. Even if you have never been to Hawaii, you can appreciate the mood of the painting, as it draws you in and invites you to hop in back for a day at the beach. It is a wonderful addition to our Road Trip series, paintings created to celebrate the open road. This painting is the quintessential perfect “dude” art.

The original is for sale. Make me an offer!

“Surfer’s Crossing” framed original


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