RELEASED: Our 2020 Designs!

Are you sending Christmas cards this year? You should.

Of all years, I think there isn’t a more appropriate year to try and reestablish our humanity to each other. We have been restricted in our ability to congregate and see each other, so why not send a tangible item to remind them that you still care?

Now, thankfully for you, I have some cards for sale! The last couple months, I’ve been working on two new designs: one is vintage/hygge, and one is humorous.

And in order to help finance the printing, we’re offering a tremendous deal:

PRE-ORDER by October 15th, and get 20 cards for the price of 10!

You heard right. That’s a two for one deal. All you have to do to take advantage of this tremendous sale is check out the cards section on this website, and do so before midnight on October 15th (midnight Mountain Time). Also, we still have plenty of cards from previous years, if something else strikes your fancy.

Send cards! I would say this, even if you weren’t going to buy cards from us. But if you are, think #smallbusiness. Find an artist and support them by getting a set of unique, indie card designs that you can send to your friends and relatives.

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