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Special $99 Holiday Celebration


Starting on Cyber Monday, in order to clear room in our studio for all of the wonderful new art we will be creating next year, we will be having a special $99 sale on some of our original paintings. Each piece will only be $99 for the day it is featured only. Pay attention both here and on our PaintingForLife.comblog to see the featured painting of the day. Ten days, ten paintings, $99. If you need to start thinking about Christmas gift ideas, be sure to check every day.


As 2011 comes to a close, I had the opportunity to work on an oil portrait for a family whose mother had just passed. As a moving tribute, I was able to combine the father and the mother into a beautiful composition. Since the family did not have any good pictures of them together, I was able to utilize my illustrations skills to combine a bunch of different photos into one final painting.

While portraits are generally thought of as great and unique gifts for weddings, this last example demonstrates that they can be given for just about any occasion. Pricing ranges, depending on medium, size and complexity. Our basic pricing structure can be found here, but feel free to contact us with your proposed budget and we can craft a unique portrait just for you.

A Day in Plein Air

Since I will be teaching plein air painting in a few weeks, I realized that I had better get back to the swing of things and start painting on location again. My last paintings have all been studio paintings, where I’ve had the luxury of working from photos, taking my time, and listening to the ball game while I paint.

Painting in the elements is a whole different story. The first hurdle is simply getting there. I packed my French Easel into my backpack, along with some water, Gatorade and powerbars, threw it in the back of my car and headed to Flat Irons Vista, 15 minutes from my house.

The trail is a beautiful one, especially at the beginning. However, I wanted to get some hiking done, so I hiked for about 1.5 miles before I realized that I could no longer see the Flatirons and that the trees were really starting to get thick. I turned around and finally found a location that provided a decent composition.

The second problem is that whatever you forget to bring, once 30 mins in, you will have to do without. I realized that I forgot to grab my camp stool.

The French Easel does not raise up high enough, so I had to find some way to elevate the painting. I found my fattest brush and used it as a shelf. I also brought along a huge tube of burnt umber, which I had thought was white, due to the fact the label had fallen off. Now I had to create this painting with no white! Thankfully, I grabbed ivory at the last minute. This now became my white.

In the elements, bugs fly into the paint, the wind will blow the canvas down into the wet paint, and the heat becomes a factor to contend with. It’s all part of the gig, the fun of the job. After three hours, it started to get real cloudy and look threatening, so I came to a stopping point and packed it up. The result is as you see here, just another day at the office.

This piece will be displayed at our upcoming show on September 10.

A Word About Rosie’s Ranch

I want to take the opportunity to use this post to highlight for you a very special place in Parker, Colorado. It’s called, “Rosie’s Ranch” and it is a place where children with oral language difficulties can come and learn about horses and the care of horses, while developing crucial life skills. A beautiful, remodeled facility awaits them, compliments in part by the constant hard labor of Noah Flieder, Eagle Scout.

Should you find yourself driving east of Main Street, Parker, Colorado, look them up and pay them a visit. Inside the ranch home, you may recognize some of the art hanging on the walls. Painting for Life has partnered with Rosie’s Ranch. Because Rosie’s Ranch is a nonprofit, they need your support to keep operational. Therefore, 30% of every artist print sold from the walls of Rosie’s Ranch goes back to the Ranch itself. It’s a great way to support your local charities and support your local art.

To read more about Rosie’s Ranch, click here.