20 Year Liver Transplant Anniversary!

This Thursday! Come and help us celebrate God’s gift of Life! Find our booth at the Denver Liver Life Walk event!

Painting for Life was partially named as a dedication to Benjamin’s renewed life due to his liver transplant, twenty years ago this year. In order to celebrate this event, we will be participating in the Liver Life Walk event, in City Park, Denver, Colorado.


There are three ways to join us in celebration:

  Come and hang out at our tent.


   Sign up to either walk or run the 5K event.


   Sponsor one of our team members.


For those who wish to do either 2 or 3, they can find more information about it by going online to: http://go.liverfoundation.org/goto/paintingforlife. But hurry! The event is this Thursday!

To learn more about my transplant story, watch this quick video!

And as a part of our special celebration, on June 12, 2012, every item in our store will be 20% off.
Discount code: transplant.

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