Chalk Art Project Captured in Time Lapse Animation

On September 25 and 26, Cherish and Benjamin took a road trip down to Flagstaff, Arizona, where they were invited by Northern Arizona University to create a 3-D chalk art of the school’s mascot, Louie the Lumberjack.

While working and enjoying the company of many young college students, a young man by the name of Conner decided to capture the whole thing in time lapse. Upon finishing, he coupled it with appropriate music and has shared it to the world through the power of YouTube. For those of you who have not yet had the privilege of watch our chalk art events, or if you enjoy watching it all over again (at awesome speeds) please enjoy the following video.

Many thanks to Conner, NAU and everybody in Flagstaff who made us feel welcome. The following video was taken over a span of two days.



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